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Facilitator - Social Worker, Mason City, IA

  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Mason City, IA
  • Date Posted: 5/7/2021

Job Description:

Facilitator – Social Work

This position will serve the city of Mason City in Cerro Gordo and surrounding areas in Iowa; travel is expected.

Families First is one of the leading providers of family based, in-home and in-office services in the State of Iowa. 

  • We are accredited by the Council on Accreditation.
  • Employ approximately 230 employees.
  • Serve approximately 3,000 individuals through our various programs in forty-four counties within the State.
  • Our employees assist entire families with the daily stressors enabling them to balance a family, work and school.

Services Essential Functions and Responsibilities

Family Team and Youth Transition Decision Making Meetings:

  • Understands principles and purpose of family team decision making and youth transition decision making team meetings.
  • Demonstrate the skills to prepare for, facilitate and complete follow-up family team meetings as a means for creating sustainable family change.
  • Demonstrate the skills to prepare for, facilitate and complete follow-up youth transition decision making team meetings as a means for enabling youth transition from foster care to become active participants in their lives and make strategic decisions for their future.
  • Set and maintain the environment: Facilitate in a manner that supports a trust-based environment, assuring team members to be respectful, attentive, friendly, and culturally competent.
  • Manage the facilitation process: introduction, purpose, confidentiality, set ground rules, set the stage for the family to tell their story, keep people on track and manage group dynamics, encourage equal participation, value contributions, demonstrate reframing, summarizing, acknowledging, building consensus; manage power and control issues, provide consultation to the family, utilize transition decision making tools (people map and All about me), set the stage for the youth’s empowerment and set the stage for family time, if used. 
  • Develop a case plan for the family during the family team meeting that accurately identifies the strategies and agreements made during the family team meeting. The plan should include strengths that relate and can be directed at the needs; concerns, supports, outcomes behavioral results action steps, safety plan, crisis plan, re-evaluation, agreement, and next steps.

Child Safety Conference Referrals:

  • Facilitator will demonstrate the skills necessary to schedule and successfully facilitate Child Safety Conference.
  • Facilitator will produce a Child Safety Conference Plan document that will guide a unique blend of services designed to address the identified and immediate needs of the family to mitigate danger and prevent removal from the caregiver home.
  • Facilitator will demonstrate the skills necessary to schedule and facilitate a follow up CSC within 10 calendar days from the day of the initial CSC; unless a FTDM meeting is scheduled during this time, which can occur in lieu of the CSC follow up meeting, as long as the FTDM meeting addresses the plan developed during the initial CSC.

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