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Family Support Specialist, Social Worker, Decorah, IA

  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Decorah, IA
  • Date Posted: 8/24/2021

Job Description:

Family Support Specialist – Social Worker

Families First is one of the leading providers of family based, in-home and in-office services in the State of Iowa. 

  • Employ approximately 230 employees.
  • Our employees assist entire families with the daily stressors enabling them to balance a family, work and school.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

Will accept and review Open Agency and Non-Agency Family Centered Service referrals

  • Will provide Solution Based Casework® in accordance with model fidelity.
  • Family Support Specialist (FSS) shall not have more than 14 Families Assigned to their caseload at a time.
  • FSS and the Intervention Specialist assigned to the same Case shall work collaboratively as a team and provide necessary interventions and/or supports to address Family needs.
  • Complete required documentation prior to service initiation, including:
    • Patient Bill of Rights
    • Client Grievance and Appeals Procedure
    • Informed Consent
    • Release of Information
  • Complete the Signs of Safety Assessment and Crisis Planning tool.
  • Complete with the family an Eco-Map to outline informal and community supports.
  • In the initial session, the FSS will complete Visitation and Supervision Planning Schedule with the family to coordinate interactions, supervision and instruction for when children are placed out of the home.
  • Attend all court hearings and other meetings on the children and family while the case is open.
  • If SafeCare® is provided to the family in addition to SBC, FSS will provide 2 Face-to-Face Casework contacts per calendar month.  
  • FSS will submit all casework contact notes timely, meeting all internal and contractual deadlines.
  • FSS will complete an Initial Service Plan and all Case Progress Reports timely, meeting all internal and contractual deadlines. 
  • Identify and address any concerns relating to Immediate Threat during service delivery and report concerns of Immediate Threat immediately and directly to the DHS worker or their supervisor by telephone or electronic communication.
  • Promptly notify the Department worker concerning any children or adults exiting the household or new children or adults entering the household, while the case is open.
  • Coordinate service planning, including planning for parent/child and sibling interactions, with staff from the child’s/children’s placement setting.
  • Implement plans to connect children and families to other community resources and informal supports, such as local community centers, mentors, or community support groups, and reduce their reliance on formal services.
  • Complete Mandatory Child and Dependent Adult Abuse Training and be familiar with and follow all aspects of mandatory child abuse training.
  • Family Preservation Services:
    • Family Support Specialist (FSS) shall be responsible for meeting with the family unit within 24 hours of referral and will be responsible for delivering and/or coordinating all services and supports provided for the case and preparing and submitting required reports on the case to the DHS worker throughout service delivery meeting all internal and contractual timelines.
    • FSS will not have more than 4 FPS Families assigned for this service to their caseload at a time.
    • Casework Contacts will be at least 60 minutes for FPS.
    • FSS shall utilize individualized case needs and results of the CSC to direct the blend of services and supports provided to maintain children safety in the home or with kin/fictive kin while addressing individual and family needs.
    • FSS shall assist families with concrete advocacy and service coordination needs.
    • FSS will complete a Service Summary Report at case closure and will submit the report timely, in line with all internal and contractual deadlines.

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